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As a corporate speaker,  Anthony Galie regularly earned $10,000 to $15,000 per speech.

He was able to integrate hypnosis demonstrations into his goal-setting presentations that were wildly successful and corporations kept coming back for more.

Right now, you could count the number of successful corporate speakers offering hypnosis on your fingers.

Anthony Galie

Anthony Galie is an internationally-known author, psychotherapist, business trainer and keynote speaker with 30+ years of experience presenting to many of the world’s top organizations. He’s given thousands of speeches to Fortune 500 audiences and major associations - Walmart, Ford, Southern Bell, Sprint, Pfizer, Comcast, FedEx, Accenture, Prudential, and GE - to name a very few.

He has presented in Rome, Paris, London, Cairo, Istanbul, Singapore, and many other locations. He has been recognized as one of America’s 30 Hottest Speakers, and was selected to speak for the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table - an honor given to less than 1% of all speakers - on four different occasions.

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